Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Doctors and Dentists!

What a day...off to see the knee surgeon for my post-op check up but first I have to get a full mouth xray to take to see an Oral Surgeon who is going to squeeze me in as an emergency! I cracked a tooth(half of which is still in my gum) and the temporary filling has fallen out!

I am going to be even more of a "bionic woman" after the dentist gives me a tooth implant!

My knee is coming along nicely and I don't use the crutches around the house but am still mindful when venturing out, though hope to be told today to throw them away:)

So take my mind off all this I have been playing with the Cricut and have even invested in the "Sure Cuts a Lot" software...so I can use any font or suitable image.

Mike is enjoying playing with the machine and investigating the software ! Always a good thing:)

Here is a pic of my first self-designed card ...made for a friend who wicked woman that she is got me hooked on all this stuff...LOL
It is a simple design but one must start somewhere, the circle is the front and I have put contrasting paper behind to highlight the cut outs.

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