Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yoohooo Faye!

Hi Faye, lovely to hear from you. Would like to catch up and can't think of any other way to contact please email me with your new Aussie email addy.
Blogs are handy things:)

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Hello My Dear Friend Barb,
I'm still here in the hills of east Tennessee...and busy, busy, all the time. I periodically check in with your blog art & travel news. I must say I loved reading about your trip to the jazz fest and I'm so jealous. You really have a wonderful lifetime travel partner in Mike. I do miss the days when Jim was able to travel more, even though it was to HIS choice of places and events. Luckily, he has numerous book collections that he now reads avidly each day while I'm at work. He always kidded that he was saving them for retirement, and now he can enjoy them at last. I still like my job, just don't have much free time and miss stamping at times. This is a long holiday weekend, Independence Day 4th of July, so I plan to do some stamping...yeah!! I got the yard mowed yesterday and some garden cleanup, so that's done. We aren't getting much rain so things are pretty dry. Althugh rain moved in last night and it looks like today could be wet and cloudy. Good will keep me in my craft room creating.
Chad and I saw a feature on Yellowstone Park once in an Imax theater and I absolutley loved it. When you mentioned your Imax adventure it reminded me of that trip. And my only trip to a weekend jazz fest was so many, many years ago when a girlfriend and I escaped to Captiva Island and stayed at the Gumbo Limbo cottages. Lots of fun, plenty of sun and white sand beaches. Not to mention, great jazz. I hope your knee is doing fine now. My sister will be having a total knee replacement in December. Ugh!! Just hope the good Lord lets me stay healthy enough to keep working so I can support myself and pay the bills...with an occasional NEW STAMP...ha, ha.Thank you for remembering my anniversary. The card was lovely and I'm so amazed that you never forget dates. Time for me to get off this puter and get busy. Later...Love, Pat