Sunday, February 08, 2009


This background was made first by stamping then clear embossing. Then I spritzed the cardstock with water, dripped on some Dyna Flow ink and added some salt crystals. Being impatient I heat set all this and wiped off the salt crystals.
This background was made by spritzing the cardstock with water, adding Dyna Flow ink and salt crystals. After heat setting this and wiping off the crystals this is the look I achieved.
This is the first stage of preparation, I painted Gel medium onto cardstock, added some scrunched Gladbake, some text based paper and a few more bits of Gladbake. When this was dry I put it through my Cuttlebug using an embossing plate.
Next I roughed up the cardstock with some sandpaper and with a direct to paper technique added a couple of different layers of ink, drying and sanding between layers.
This is where I got the info to make the wax paper background...I just used things I had to hand to try and get a similar effect.

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