Thursday, November 22, 2012

Illusion Knitting

I have been doing a lot of knitting over winter and just keep finding new things to inspire me. I joined an online group called Knitters Paradise
...I am a lurker but enjoy hearing and seeing what others are knitting. Heard about "illusion" knitting and after finding some free patterns on Ravelry
I thought I would have a go.
My first effort was a face/dish cloth with a pink breast awareness ribbon on it.
Then I saw a pattern for a piano keyboard scarf and thought this would be perfect for my friend Beth as a 60th birthday present. As a music teacher and Collingwood football fan (team colours being black and white) it ticked all the boxes!
I could not stop at one :) Next project was a Tardis scarf for my SIL who is a Dr Who fanatic. My daughter came shopping with me to find the wool ...she was most insistant I find just the right colour...we did our best.
The recipients were both excited about their scarves:)

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