Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Rabbits' Wedding

Back at the end of March I posted pictures of rabbits I had been knitting for Easter. Well it occurred to me that I could make a couple of rabbits to go with a childhood favourite book "The Rabbits' Wedding" by Garth Williams. Then the penny dropped as I realised my friend Jan is not only a mad for rabbits person but was celebrating her 60th birthday:) She hand carves rubber stamps and her online monica is Rubber Rabbit! I knit the rabbits and posted them off to her asking that she not open the parcel until another arrived in the mail as they needed to be viewed together. I had found a copy of "The Rabbits Wedding" and was getting it posted directly to her.
I am pleased to report the rabbits and the book arrived safely and are being appreciated by their owner:)
Here are a some pictures I took before sending them from Australia to Oklahoma, USA. And one of them upon arrival in their new home.

The first picture is the white rabbit with her wedding bouquet of dandelions.

 Then black rabbit with dandelions in his ears.

 Here are the happy couple together.

  Posing beside my original copy of the book.

 Here they are at Jan's house with the new book.

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Anonymous said...

Barb this was the only way to let you know we're ok. Storm passed three blocks south no power water only on today and no email just Internet or texting.