Saturday, July 26, 2008


Made a bit of a blooper out by the power of 10...hehe. I am talking about the cost of the hotel suite and relating to the cost of our house...oh well this addled old brain does do silly things . It was still way too expensive for us to indulge in:)

Knee Update

I have been to the doctor this week about my knee as I was not happy with its progress and felt I had regressed rather than improved over the last 6 weeks! Not happy Jan!
He sent me for X-rays fearing I had a stress fracture in the bone below the implant!!! Horror!!
Good news I do NOT have a stress fracture all looks very good infact. Seems I am just over doing it and need to allow these old bones longer to cope with their new conditions...sheesh the frustration at being told to slow down yet again I am sure plenty of other folk can relate too:) The doctor reckons I am a person in a rush but geepers it has been 5 months and there is so much to do, high on my list is getting back on my push bike and it seems that is going to take quite some time yet, phooey! Ahh well that is my whinge for the day...sorry:)

Another old technique

I also did some grid background stamping using some of my new Cherry Pie stamps :)

What I have made this week.

I have been quite busy this week making some backgrounds using old techniques that I had found when rummaging through outdated stamping magazines....having a bit of a clear out to make way for new you do!

These were done by inking up a brayer with a light coloured ink(Adirondak Butterscotch or Lettuce) then spritzing the brayer and rolling off onto cardstock. Then ink up the brayer without cleaning with a darker ink(Adirondak Denim or Eggplant) spritz brayer again and roll lightly over the top. Voila instant background. Simple but effective.

Expensive Accomodation

Hi, just had to share something that gave us a good laugh today.
I had been looking up on the net the name of a hotel in Melbourne where we had seen an exhibition of paintings that did not make it into The Archibald Prize this year. This is an award for an Australian portrait painting. Anyway found the name of the hotel and out of curiosity looked at the cost of staying overnight....clicked on the Presidental Suite ...OMG... Mike reckons if we stayed there for 10 nights it would be the same as buying our house !!!! It did offer a seperate lounge, dining room and study with open fire...home away from home....hehe Breakfast was NOT thrown in for that price by the way!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Friends who travel.

This time it was not us travelling but some friends who have been overseas for the last 3 months ! As a surprise we went out to the airport to greet them. (Another friend was actually picking them up and taking them home) Marion was quite overcome and I think pleased to see us. It certainly was good to see her and "her boys" husband and son, Brian and Owen. They all look fit and well after their trip, there are lots of stories to tell and I can't wait to wade through some of their 23,000 + photos!!! Marion is a scrapbooker...boy is she going to be busy for...EVER....LOL
Welcome Home guys:)


I have been having a clean out of my stamping area, one has to make way for new things sometimes:) Anyway while going through all my old magazines I found an article on the Serendipity technique. Have not done this in ages and it has always been a favourite so this morning I created a piece of Serendipity and have now made 3 cards out of the pieces.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Cricut Card

I have a couple of girlfriends coming over to play with our Cricut Expressions and the SCAL software. So I thought I should have a go before they got here and made this card for my brother who celebrates his birthday tomorrow.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Vellum Stamping

As part of the monthly challenge for the group of stampers I meet with in Geelong each month we were playing with vellum this month. I showed the girls an easy but effective way to use vellum in our stamping. It was something I had heard about many many years ago and had printed out the info and filed it away for future use....took me 8 years to get around to it....LOL

Stamp your image in black on the front of your piece of vellum, turn it over and stamp a background image and emboss with white EP. Then sponge dye ink over the white embossed image. Mount the image and voila! Here are a few samples.