Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tag passed along.

Seems I am now suppose to tag 6 more people and get them to repeat the process of the 6th folder, 6th file etc.
1. Hermine
2. Pauline
3. Annette
4. Sija
5. Frances
6. Willy
Was a hard choice but I hope you have a bit of fun with this girls.

I've been tagged!

Well seems my stamping buddy Barbara Hagerty has tagged me!What it means is I had to go to the 6th folder in my Picture Files and choose the 6th picture. It turns out it is a large wooden letter A I decorated for my friend Alice's birthday last year.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Anniversary Card

I made this card for the happy couples "Paper" anniversary.

1st Anniversary House

This house was made to celebrate the 1st "paper" anniversary of Katherine and Andrew. Hard to believe it was 12 months ago that we were celebrating their wedding, time has flown. They now own a little house of their own so I thought a paper house was a fitting anniversary gift.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Spattered embossing fluid background

Here is my background made up into a card.
I made a background using an old technique of spattering embossing fluid with a toothbrush on some cardstock them embossing it. It gives this starry night effect when done with gold tinsel embossing powder.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Birthday Calender for Lynette

I made this this morning for my friend Lynette who has a birthday on monday the 5th Jan. I put a ribbon through the hole at the top she she can hang it up if she wants.

Happy New Year

I am a little slow but the wishes are just as hearfelt.
May 2009 be everything good and special for you all.

Card from my true love

Just thought I would share the card Mike made me for Christmas this year.