Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Photos from our trip to Taronga Zoo part 2

This young giraffe not only had giraffe companions but zebras as well. So it's raining...big deal this ostrich seemed to be saying!

Wait for me mum...I'm coming too.

Photos from trip to Taronga Zoo

This tiger was eyeing off the world from undercover. What a magnificant beast and he was SO close! Mind you he was much more interested in seeing whether any food would come through the hatch than being observed by us mere humans!

Ahh the pleasures of life a good mud bath followed by a good feed!

Photos from trip to Sydney

View from observation deck of hotel down to Darling Harbour. View from Taronga Zoo across Sydney Harbour.

940 saxophonists!

Mike enjoying Saxophony.

Jazz Festival in Sydney

We made it to Sydney this year to see the 21 Darling Harbour Jazz Festival.
As part of the celebration there was an attempt on the world record for the most saxaphone players in the one place. The even was called Saxophony and the record broken by having 940 sax players all together and playing their instruments! They ranged in age from the very young to the elderly. The sun came out for the event which was great as most of the weekend was underscored by rain , lots of it. There was a fireworks display put on by Darling Harbour Trust on saturday night and we were fortunate enough to have ring side seats in one of the restaurants with a great view. The occasion was enhanced by a number of little girls watching (3-4yo's) their awe was infectious.
Inbetween rain showers we listened to some fabulous music. When it got too wet we retreated to the I-Max cinema to watch Pirates of the Caribbean in 3D. We also took a trip across the harbour to Taronga Zoo. Where we splashed around and observed the animals just getting on with life. Baby Pygmy hippos, baby elephants, a baby chimp and giraffes were highlights. A free flying bird show with Sydney harbour as the backdrop was quite spectacular.Oh and seeing a lion close up through a thick glass wall was amazing.
We were alerted to a volcanic ash cloud (coming from Chile) closing down airports round the country but in particular Melbourne by our friend Marion. Yippee we thought a few extra days in Sydney at some one elses expense! So we checked out of our hotel after inquiring whether if we needed it a bed would be available that night(no trouble) and went off to listen to the last day of music. Virgin started flights again that monday morning and we were told to proceed to the airport and expect to catch a plane home no worries..phooey...LOL We headed out to the airport 2 hours ahead of schedule just in case there were any issues and as luck would have it were put on the next available flight so left Sydney 2 hours ahead of time!
Fingers were then crossed for Marion and her husband as they were due to fly out of Melbourne on the thursday for London!! They also got off the ground but within days planes were grounded yet again as more ash floated over the country.