Friday, March 29, 2013

Honey Crisp Bunny

This is Honey Crisp Bunny so named by Lynette as she feels her hat is the colour of this type of apple.

Chocolate Bunny

I made another bunny today this one is for my daughter...she won't get it til after Easter but Little Grey will keep an eye on her til I can post her off to Western Australia.

 Little Grey has promised to look after Chocolate til she flies off to Emily in Western Australia.
 I wonder what they are whispering to each other?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sunset 25th March

Looked out my backdoor last night as the sun was setting and rushed out with my camera before it disappeared...I think I need a ladder to get a little higher off the ground on such occasions. It was a glorious colour but before I could get any more shots it had disappeared.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Plum Pudding

My friend Lynette called to visit yesterday and gave me a kit to knit plum puddings! Well I could not resist and started while we were talking! Here is the finished result and apparently there is enough wool to make 4 more...woohoo calorie free puddings!
The pudding is approx 7cm wide and 6 cm high.

Easter Bunnies

Well I am all for calorie free things this Easter so when I saw these cute little critters I just had to make a few. My fingers are raw with overuse but I am having fun...LOL
I have photos of 2 of the 3 rabbits I have made as the other who has been named Honey (Crisp) Bunny due to the hot pink nature of her hat (a honey crisp is a type of apple I am told) got given away before I took her picture.
The little grey bunny is for Mike as he wanted one too.  Grey is approx 19cm tall and was knit in 5ply wool on size 3.25mm needles. The other with the blackberry hat will be an Easter gift for another friend who is also having a calorie free Easter:) She was knit in 8ply yarn on size 3.25mm needles and is approx 22cm tall.
I keep thinking of people I want to make one for but will have to let my fingers recover a little before attempting any more:)
The pattern is a free one from Petite Purls and can be found here.

Little grey bunny's hat is really red rather than the orange it shows as in the photo.

 This is Blackberry looking a little startled.

 Here are Grey and Blackberry hanging out together.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blue Lotus Water Gardens

A glorious late Summer/ early Autumn day dawned...we headed northeast to Yarra Junction for a visit to the Blue Lotus Water Gardens. About 1 3/4 hour drive for us. On fronting up to the counter we were asked if that would be two Senior's tickets (a saving of $3 each) my automatic reaction was "no, not yet" Mike just smiled wanly and the lady charged us for one adult and one senior...LOL Well he will officially be a "senior" in November.
There are 14 acres of gardens to explore so off we headed glad we had bought hats, a bottle of water and our cameras.
The gardens are past their prime flowering time but we still found plenty to look at and photograph. I will just share a smattering of the 135 photos I managed to take!
Get yourself a cuppa and sit down for a wee while:)

This is Mike crossing the first bridge into the gardens.

 The underside of a large waterlily pad.

Canna Lily

Partially open Lotus.

 Had to take a shot of this waterlily for my friend Hermine!

 This species grows to be the largest lilypad in the world!
The Little Yarra River runs through the gardens.
 A selection of lotus pods in varying stages of life.

 A bee was exploring the inside of this lotus.

We called this fellow "ET".
 A sea of Lotuses.

After we had enjoyed a yummy lunch at the Blue Lotus Cafe we drove up the road to Warburton for a look around, neither of us had been there for many years! Still a quiet little backwater. Plenty of folk taking advantage of the lovely weather picnicing on the river banks and following the walking trail along the river. We went for a wander along the trail and over a couple of bridges back to our car.