Thursday, December 31, 2009

Update on Alphabet Swap

There are 4 ATC's in the alphabet swap that you needed to see the inside of to get the full message. Here they are.
Bev Robinson's letter I for Image. This is Bev's also letter F.
This one is by Joan McAlpine and is letter D.
This is one of mine also for letter D.

Alphabet Swap 5

We had a change of participants when 2 of the original members decided to pull out, K was where they swapped over.

Alphabet Swap 4

H, I and J have been completed by everyone.

Alphabet Swap 3

Here are E, F and G. Some of the ATC's have more information when opened. Hmm should have taken 2 photos to show, OK this will be my next part of this project to show the full message of those particular ATC's. This should keep me out of mischief today:)

Alphabet Swap 2

Good morning, time to add a few images of the ATC's in the Alphabet Swap. B, C and D for starters.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I am too tired to do any more tonight but promise to put some more up tomorrow.

Alphabet Swap

About 2 years ago I joined in an ATC Alphabet Swap with a group I meet with once a month.
I have finished all my ATC's while some of the group are still working on theirs. Just thought I would share some of what has been created so far. Letter A.