Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hi Judi in Florida

Hi Judi, I got your message but you did not leave an email address for me to respond to so I hope you come back and check my blog soon.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Painting on card

This is another technique that I learnt at the workshop with Sherrill Kahn back in 2002!
The top sample I made today the other I found in her book and I must have made at the workshop or soon after! Pieces of masking tape have been randomly applied to the card stock before sponging and stamping textures onto the card. Then I took off the masking tape and painted in the spaces. Finally I used some Pearlescant ink to highlight the masking tape strips and add some dots. Not sure what to do with it now...just look at it I guess....LOL


Here I have made a card out of a piece of fabric which I had painted and stamped before sponging on some more paint and stamping the womans image by Rubber Poet. The second piece is the fabric before. I had stuck some masking tape on the fabric before painting then sponged over it. The fabric is a very lightweight cotton. I love the open weave effect.

Fabric painting ..2

This is a sample of painting on black material with white Neo Opaque paint and different coloured Textile paints..all by Jacquard. You draw lines with the white add dots with the colours and scrape it with a credit card! Well I liked the back of the material better than the front reminded me of ancient columned buildings so I stamped in gold a columned building image by Acey Deucy. Have not used this stamp in a long time!

Fabric Painting

This is a photo of me with Sherrill Kahn and her husband Joel at a weekend workshop held at the home of Laurie Mein in Nov 2002.
The reason I am posting this is yesterday I found a bag goodies I have had stashed since then! Well I had a play with a couple of the techniques we learnt at that workshop which I will post next.