Thursday, December 02, 2010

Christmas countdown link to Lisa Vollrath's site

Here it is nearly Christmas again and Lisa Vollrath is doing her free image give-away.
Check it out at

Sunday, October 24, 2010

From my ANON friend

I got a comment on my blog recently posted by "Anon" hmmm says me..I have no idea who sent me that nice message. Then this week I got a card in the mail from a friend in the U.S.A. -fessing up to the fact that she is Anon! Well I would like to share the lovely card she made for me. Thanks Judi...oops Anon that should read....LOL

Sunday, October 03, 2010

French Festival at Como House

Well last sunday we spent enjoying the spring weather up at Monsalvat listening to Jazz this weekend we went to an historic Mansion called Como House and participated in the French Festival. Ooh la la...everything french but mostly food and what taste sensations and delights for the eyes. The weather again was just perfection and it brought the people out in their 1000's! We took a bus and arrived round opening time and it was already busy. By the time we left a few hours later there were queues to get in! We wandered round all the stalls even picking up brochures on buying a property in southern that is going to happen....LOL We sampled a duck pie, a Toulouse style sausage in batard with onion and cheese etc...apricot filled pastries and bought a bag of caremilised nuts. We listened to a french choir, modern french songs and a pianist. Then we wandered around the house itself and acquainted ourselves with the life of the Armitage family who lived there until 1955 when it was given to The National Trust. Plenty of time was given to walking in the gardens taking photos of the plants. We both like to take close up shots but apart from my one of the bee I was not happy with many of them...think I will leave this up to Mike as his camera does a much better job.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Musicians at Monsalvat

The first group we listened to was the Paul Williamson Hammond Combo. Then The Andrea Keller Quartet followed by Wilson/Magnussen/Hale Trio.
Sorry to say it was getting too late to stay for the Allan Browne Qunitet which was a shame but we will plan better if they have this event next year.

Monsalvat 2

More photos from our day at Monsalvat including a Kookaburra who was sitting in the sun on the ground when we stumbled on him but he quickly flew up into a near by tree.
The peacock was also sunning himself and later in the evening tried singing along with the Jazz players!

Jazz at Monsalvat

Well it was a glorious spring day in Melbourne yesterday and we headed out to Eltham to a Jazz event at the Monsalvat Artist's Colony.
Just had to share some photos of the property and a couple of the actual musicians. These are a bit fuzzy but my little camera is not designed for distance in the dark

Monday, September 20, 2010

More T-slider cards

In these cards I have placed the tab on either the other side or the top for variety:)

T Slider cards

I had a lovely day down in Geelong last wednesday with my crafty friends and Jackie showed us how to make T-slider cards. Was not sure before going that they would be my "thing" but let me tell you I am hooked and have made 8 more already...yes I can be obsessive...just a wee bit...hehe

Here are a few to whet your appetite.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I'm interrupting this Blog to say Thank you.

I just had to stop my travelogue to say thank you to a few friends who kindly sent me cards to wish me well.
While on our wonderful holiday (stories and photos of which I will get back to) I had a fall and a week later pinched the nerves in my back. Anyway flat on my back has been my position of most comfort for about 6 weeks. No fun:(
Marion, Kerri, Louise and Bambi all sent me cards(and flowers) and have been my cheer up club.
Others have brought me food parcels and checked to make sure all is well, thanks Lynette and Gay.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tassy Travel 8

These intrepid folk were getting ready to paddle up the Gordon River for a 4 hour trip.
This is a stand of young Huon Pine.

Would you believe this fallen tree is about 2000 years old!

Tassy Travel 7

These fallen and still standing trees were covered in mosses...just beautiful to look at.

Interesting Fungi grabbed our attention from day one of this trip and both Mike and I spent quite a bit of time trying to get the perfect shot. sometimes succeeding other failing dismally...but we had fun trying.

Grey moody clouds over Macquarie Harbour, Strahan.

Tassy Travel 6

This is one of the Trout my photos a bit out of order...sorry. This is the young Huon Pine.

We had quite a few rain showers during the day and were lucky to see some wonderful rainbows too.

Day 1 in Strahan sees us head up the Gordon River on The Lady Jane Franklin II. A luxurious way to see such pristine wilderness. We headed first to the mouth of the harbour to view Hells Gates, the narrow entrance where many a ship was lost.

Saw the amazing feat of 19th century engineering a rock wall running for an incredible distance that ensured the channel stayed at the right depth for shipping.

We passed Trout and Salmon Farms before cruising up the actual Gordon River.

On our way back we stopped at Sarah Island the site of a convict prison. Also we stopped at the Heritage Landing where we went on a boardwalk through the rainforest and were able to view massive Huon Pine trees as well as some baby ones...mind you the babys were 80-150 years old but when you consider it takes a Huon Pine 500 years to mature and they know of specimens 3000 years old...150 is very young!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tassy Travel 5

We drove into Cradle Mountain Reserve but were unable to see anything that resembled the mountain or Dove lake as there was low level cloud and cold drizzling rain...ahh well something to do on our next visit.

We continued on, swapping drivers every so often on the very windy roads. Queenstown is our lunch stop , still raining we find a bakery that makes nice pies. We have a quick wander around town and take a few photos.

We reach Strahan mid afternoon and head straight for Kitty's Place where we will spend the next 3 nights.

A cuppa is in order and time to sit and relax in the warmth.