Monday, May 24, 2010

Tassy Travel 6

This is one of the Trout my photos a bit out of order...sorry. This is the young Huon Pine.

We had quite a few rain showers during the day and were lucky to see some wonderful rainbows too.

Day 1 in Strahan sees us head up the Gordon River on The Lady Jane Franklin II. A luxurious way to see such pristine wilderness. We headed first to the mouth of the harbour to view Hells Gates, the narrow entrance where many a ship was lost.

Saw the amazing feat of 19th century engineering a rock wall running for an incredible distance that ensured the channel stayed at the right depth for shipping.

We passed Trout and Salmon Farms before cruising up the actual Gordon River.

On our way back we stopped at Sarah Island the site of a convict prison. Also we stopped at the Heritage Landing where we went on a boardwalk through the rainforest and were able to view massive Huon Pine trees as well as some baby ones...mind you the babys were 80-150 years old but when you consider it takes a Huon Pine 500 years to mature and they know of specimens 3000 years old...150 is very young!

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