Monday, January 28, 2013

Chalk Resist technique

Bridget posted a link to a friends blog where they had put a tutorial on a technique called "Pullin Pastels". Thought I would give it a go. I have not used my pastels/chalks for a long time hence had not done this technique in a long time either. I used a linen grain black cardstock and on reflection think it would be better on a smooth cardstock. Rub the chalk all over the black cardstock then ink up your stamp with Versmark and stamp into the chalk. Lift off carefully and you should see the image where the chalk has been removed.
As it was not very clear I had a go at inking up my stamp with the Versamark stamping it on the black cardstock, then rubbing chalk over the top. This gives a clearer image.
The image on the left is Versamark with chalk over the top. The other is chalk stamped on with Versamark. I added some white stamped roses to the second one before I took the photo so hope you can still see the background.
Then I made a card using the "Pullin Pastels" technique background.

Apple Lamington Trifle

Well what do you do when you have a bowl full of home grown apples and some rather stale lamingtons? Well you make trifle of course.
Don't laugh anything is possible if you try.
I put the lamingtons in the bottom of a rectangular casserole dish, poured over some tawny port as you do:) Made some egg custard and poured that over the lamingtons. Next I threw in some frozen berries I found in the freezer. Then I proceeded to stew the apples while they were cooling down I whipped 2 egg whites til soft peaks formed and mixed them through the apple. When I was at high school we made this in Home Economics class and it was called Apple Snow. This was spread over the top of the custard... Voila...Barb's Apple Trifle. We could not wait for the custard to set...don't think it is going to actually and had some for lunch. Yummo was the verdict. Made enough to last us a week...LOL It does not look very pretty but that did not affect the flavour.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Knitting nightmare for 2013

Who would think an instruction as simple as *P1 Slip 1* rpt to end of row then repeat this row for 9cm would prove to be SO difficult. The fact that I was knitting in acrylic chenille style yarn (where it is impossible to see what you have actually done in the previous rows) must have had something to do with the trouble I had but I just could not knit the required 9cms. I reckon I ripped it out 10 times before throwing it in the corner and waiting until the next day to pick it up and try again.
Here is the result. A Blanket Bunny Buddy. It is about 43cms long, not including its ears. The bit I had all the trouble with was the head and it turns out to be a tube that you stuff.

First Post for 2013

Happy New Year Everyone!
My first project for the year is actually a knitted Christmas tree.  I know I am either rather late or VERY early but I saw the pattern and just had to give it a go. I found the pattern on
I made the smallest size using a 12ply synthetic yarn. A 3 1/2 inch terra cotta pot was the smallest I could find. The buttons and charms I had in my craft stash. I used some fibre fill for the snow and sprinkled it with white glitter