Sunday, July 22, 2012

Paradise Falls

We wandered around Beechworth in the late afternoon and I just loved the light on the buildings as the sun was going down.

On our way home from Beechworth we stopped to look at Paradise Falls. A 12 km drive off the road and then a 500 metre downhill walk to get to see them. Definitely worth the effort according to one guy we passed on the way...and go on the path behind the waterfall for a great view...hmm it was not until our return where we found a notice board explaining about the falls that we discovered you were not suppose to walk behind the falls as the rock face has become a home to a local endangered Peregrine Falcon. Oh dear a bit late now...we do hope we did not scare them off:(

Ned's Needles Weekend

I entered a knitted beard in a competition held by the Burke Museum in Beechworth. The prizes were awarded last thursday and on saturday Mike and I drove up to Beechworth to see the complete exhibition. Here is a link to the museum's website. Look under Ned's Needles for more info on the competition.
Here are some photos I took.