Monday, September 27, 2010

Musicians at Monsalvat

The first group we listened to was the Paul Williamson Hammond Combo. Then The Andrea Keller Quartet followed by Wilson/Magnussen/Hale Trio.
Sorry to say it was getting too late to stay for the Allan Browne Qunitet which was a shame but we will plan better if they have this event next year.

Monsalvat 2

More photos from our day at Monsalvat including a Kookaburra who was sitting in the sun on the ground when we stumbled on him but he quickly flew up into a near by tree.
The peacock was also sunning himself and later in the evening tried singing along with the Jazz players!

Jazz at Monsalvat

Well it was a glorious spring day in Melbourne yesterday and we headed out to Eltham to a Jazz event at the Monsalvat Artist's Colony.
Just had to share some photos of the property and a couple of the actual musicians. These are a bit fuzzy but my little camera is not designed for distance in the dark

Monday, September 20, 2010

More T-slider cards

In these cards I have placed the tab on either the other side or the top for variety:)

T Slider cards

I had a lovely day down in Geelong last wednesday with my crafty friends and Jackie showed us how to make T-slider cards. Was not sure before going that they would be my "thing" but let me tell you I am hooked and have made 8 more already...yes I can be obsessive...just a wee bit...hehe

Here are a few to whet your appetite.