Thursday, November 27, 2008

Barb's arm week 2 and 3

This is what my arm looks like today. Time will heal it completely but gee it looks much better than 3 weeks ago don't you reckon?
This is what it looked like last week after the sutures were removed. Ugh I have wrinkly elbows...LOL

Birthday house from Joan

From Dorothy in Newcastle a lovely thank you come good wishes card, it is lovely isn't it? From the talented Joan a lovely house card for my birthday.

Salted Passion ATC

This ATC is a mixture of salted H2O background and some cuttlebugged papers.

Salted Fish ATC

Here is an ATC I made from my Salted H2O experiment. The background is a piece of foil put through my Cuttlebug.

Wiped off ink

I have played with the second sample of the salted H2O ...and using a wet one to wipe off the ink over the embossed image. This is the result.

Salted H2O experiments

This is my first experiment with this technique as explained on Kate Palmer's blog
I don't own H2O's so I used acrylic paint in my first sample.
This is my second sample and I used Pearlescent Inks. You can't see the embossed image very well. I used the salt crystals left over from the first experiment on a blue/purple base so the colour leached out. Also the tray I sat the paper in was metal and it rusted a bit with the water so this has added to the result as well.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I had to make a card for the wonderful nurse who looked after me in the Emergency Dept where I was taken after I fell off my pushbike. This is what I came up with, hope she likes it:)

Another great mail day.

All the way from Teneriffe (Spain) from the talented Willy. Then a locally talented lady Sue from NSW...we have been swapping birthday cards for about 9 years and never met!
From distant Perth young mum Melis shares her talents.

From the wonderful wine country of northern Victoria comes this delightful contribution by Kerry.

Then not to be out done from country NSW this special rose from Joy.

Lovely birthday cards keep coming in and I get a thrill opening each and everyone of them, thank you ladies.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

First Christmas Cards

I have started to receive Christmas cards too.
These first 2 cards are from a new friend Isla who lives in Scotland, the country of my ancestors. This white one is just so elegant and the second is actually acetate (so see through!)

This clever folded tree is from Gai in rain drenched Queensland.

Birthday Mail

From Nicole in country Victoria.
From my mate Kerri in Newcastle. From Gai in rain drenched Queensland.

From Faye in Sydney which found me even with the wrong street number on the envelope...way to go Australia Post!

From a lovely lady in Washington State USA -Bambi Lee.

From Anne in my state of Victoria.

Thank you very much girls I love November.

Birthday Wishes from Germany

Ariane spoilt me with a card, an ATC and a gorgeous little charm. Incredible detail on the card and in the little charm which the Postie did not show the proper respect for and it is a little cracked:(

My own Guardian Angel

Hermine sent me a couple of ATCs one with my very own Guardian Angel on it to wish me well after my bike accident.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Get well from Marjolijn

I spent ages opening my mail and going oh and ah this morning. So many talented people out there with whom I am in contact with.
My friend Marjolijn in The Netherlands sent me a card and ATC and some dutch rob-ons to play with .
Might have to fall off my bike on an annual basis...just kidding , not planning on doing it ever again!

Birthday Cards 2

A few more for you to look at:) From Barbara Hurst, Vi Ivers and Sharon Batchelor.

Birthday Cards

My letterbox was over flowing this morning...WOOHOO I love November.
these cards are from Margaret O'Regan, Frances Byrne, Dorothy Leach, Denise O'Regan and Carol Jeffery.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Birthday ATCs

Using another piece of the gesso backgrouond I made from the Art Specially book-'Hermine's Choice'. I made these ATCs for a couple of girls celebrating big 'O' birthdays this month!

Blue gesso girl

I made this little card with the offcut from the background I used before.

Hermine's Choice

From the new Art Specially for You book 'Hermine's Choice' I tried the technique on page 49.
I used pearlescent inks as I don't own any Liquid Pearls, a bit of Pearl-x and some Encore ink pads to highlight. Then stamped up one of the images that comes with the book (the image behind the girl is by 'My Stamps").

Friday, November 21, 2008

Card from Kate

I received this fabulous card in the mail from Kate Palmer today. If having a birthday means receiving lots of wonderful handmade greeting cards then keep them coming:)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cards and magazines

From my dear friend Jan a selection of 'Vamp Stamp News' magazines and a pretty butterfly card to wish me well.
Then from Goldie Coast a wonderful birthday card. Love that verdigris background paper.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Birthday card

The lovely Loretta of Geelong sent me this fabulous card for my birthday.

Update on my elbow

I have had the stitches out of my arm and the doctor is very happy with the way it is healing....yippee no skin graft! But it is still in a splint so I am still restricted in what I can do...phooey. Next thursday he will check it again and I will get to throw away this splint and be free:)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New book from Art Specially

WOOHOO I am so excited as today I received copies of a new book from the Publishers of "Art Specially For You" books. My friend and reknown Dutch stamper Hermine Koster has had a book published of her favourite techniques. It is a little 16 cm x 16 cm beautifully crafted book from this publisher who is well known for her high standards of production. It is called "Hermine's Choice".
Hermine has included techniques she particualry likes and gives step by step instructions to help you produce works of art.
The book is approx 60 pages and comes with a free UM rubber stamp the images of which are suitable for "inches and twinches".
I am delighted to be the distributor for this book in Australia and it will cost $20 plus P&H. Please contact me at for further information.