Saturday, November 01, 2008

Wedding Card

My daughter Emily came to me at about 10.30pm last night...."Mum can you please make me a card my friend's wedding? " "When do you need it?" "Tomorrow!"
At this point I was busy packing all the gear needed for a 3 hour class and the clothes and food needed to go away for the weekend, (straight after the class.)
"Can I put a photo on the card?" Sure you give me the photo, no do not ask me to print it...go see your father he is the expert in such things. Little details like colour and composition are now spinning round in my head, crowding out all the other things I was thinking about in preparation for my class.
I went to bed at 11.45pm and left them to it.
I awoke at 6am and found the photos sitting on my desk. Here it is a couple of hours and a nasty dose of heartburn later.

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