Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2 years on

Hi there I have been reflecting on what I was doing 2 years ago today and I was having a ball!!Lucky me was in Leerdam meeting up with a fantastic group of stampers who had travelled from all over The Netherlands and even from Germany so I could meet them.Well girls, a photo of you is the wallpaper on my computer screen so I see you every day.
Can you see me waving :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Link to SERS Blog

As Pauline rightly pointed out to make this really cool you need to be able to link to the SERS Blog so here you go.

SERS 2003

Everyone is paying strict attention to something...wonder who is holding the floor...might it be our intrepid leader Pauline?

SERS June 2002

Well here we are all totally enthralled by someone giving us a demo. I do believe it was Pauline showing us how to use your computer for stamping stuff!

Then Yumeko(Judy) demoed something...not sure what, anyone remember?

SERS Photos

Sharon G, Jessica L and Helen (Daisy) J. Joan McA, Denise S, Pauline L, Sharon B, Tracey F, Judith S and Susan U. Heather M, Joan McA, Jan T, Helen Y and Sue O. Denise S, Pauline L and Sharon B.
Well I have been inspired by Pauline's new blog for SERS (South Eastern Rubber Stamper's) to trawl through my photo collection and relive some great memories of SERS. A group that is still going strong much thanks to Pauline Laing. These pictures are of the Christmas party for SERS 1999.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Spring ATC's

My friend Marjolijn showed me the photos she took when she went for her annual visit to Keukenhof and I was inspired to make these Spring themed ATC's and a folder to put them in.
The bunny templates were made from a couple of cookie cutters I bought for another girlfriend. Rubber Rabbit is big into bunnies and when I saw them I could not resist:)

A bit of Whmisy ATC

I made this ATC for my ATCgroup 's monty theme.
The background was made using Kaleidacolour "Creole Spice" inkpad on a brayer that had been misted with water. The background image is by "Ink and the dog", not sure who the butterfly is by.