Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tassy travel 2

We had a small hurdle to our plans for driving our own car around Tasmania when 4 weeks before we were due to leave we had an altercation with a tram! Trams ALWAYS win these sort of arguments and this was no exception. I booked a hire car just in case which turned out to be necessary.

So we took a taxi to the ferry on sunday evening the 11th April and we got to watch everyone driving line up with their cars, go through security then queue to get on board.

It was a bitterly cold and windy evening which did not bode well for smooth sailing!

Some very dear and thoughtful friends (Marion and Brian) organised a surprise bottle of champagne to get our holiday off on the right foot. When we found the bottle sitting in its ice bucket (no card) we got the steward to take it back thinking someone had delivered it to the wrong cabin! The steward quickly returned saying it was indeed for us and they were sorry they had not attached a card.
We booked a table in Seasons Restaurant then went back to our cabin for a glass of champagne before we explored the ship prior to departing.

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