Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blue Lotus Water Gardens

A glorious late Summer/ early Autumn day dawned...we headed northeast to Yarra Junction for a visit to the Blue Lotus Water Gardens. About 1 3/4 hour drive for us. On fronting up to the counter we were asked if that would be two Senior's tickets (a saving of $3 each) my automatic reaction was "no, not yet" Mike just smiled wanly and the lady charged us for one adult and one senior...LOL Well he will officially be a "senior" in November.
There are 14 acres of gardens to explore so off we headed glad we had bought hats, a bottle of water and our cameras.
The gardens are past their prime flowering time but we still found plenty to look at and photograph. I will just share a smattering of the 135 photos I managed to take!
Get yourself a cuppa and sit down for a wee while:)

This is Mike crossing the first bridge into the gardens.

 The underside of a large waterlily pad.

Canna Lily

Partially open Lotus.

 Had to take a shot of this waterlily for my friend Hermine!

 This species grows to be the largest lilypad in the world!
The Little Yarra River runs through the gardens.
 A selection of lotus pods in varying stages of life.

 A bee was exploring the inside of this lotus.

We called this fellow "ET".
 A sea of Lotuses.

After we had enjoyed a yummy lunch at the Blue Lotus Cafe we drove up the road to Warburton for a look around, neither of us had been there for many years! Still a quiet little backwater. Plenty of folk taking advantage of the lovely weather picnicing on the river banks and following the walking trail along the river. We went for a wander along the trail and over a couple of bridges back to our car.

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