Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Bunnies

Well I am all for calorie free things this Easter so when I saw these cute little critters I just had to make a few. My fingers are raw with overuse but I am having fun...LOL
I have photos of 2 of the 3 rabbits I have made as the other who has been named Honey (Crisp) Bunny due to the hot pink nature of her hat (a honey crisp is a type of apple I am told) got given away before I took her picture.
The little grey bunny is for Mike as he wanted one too.  Grey is approx 19cm tall and was knit in 5ply wool on size 3.25mm needles. The other with the blackberry hat will be an Easter gift for another friend who is also having a calorie free Easter:) She was knit in 8ply yarn on size 3.25mm needles and is approx 22cm tall.
I keep thinking of people I want to make one for but will have to let my fingers recover a little before attempting any more:)
The pattern is a free one from Petite Purls and can be found here.

Little grey bunny's hat is really red rather than the orange it shows as in the photo.

 This is Blackberry looking a little startled.

 Here are Grey and Blackberry hanging out together.

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Judi said...

Beautiful pictures!