Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another day another house...LOL

Well I think I have made enough houses for now(14Christmas ones)....maybe I will get back to them next week but my big mission for what's left of the week is to create a birthday card for my husband. The big day is friday and I will be out all of wednesday, that leaves thursday fingers crossed nothing crops up to interfere with the creative process. I received a heap of new stamps in the mail today, a birthday present for me:) From a dutch company Stampin Back www.stampinback.nl I got great service and they stamp up beautifully. I will put some pics up when I have had a chance to play with them. now to pack all the gear necessary for a stamping day and ATC night tomorrow. UGH it is always hard to know what to pack...bound to forget something!

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Hermine said...

Have fun at your stampingday and night. And give my birthday wishes to Mike, Hope he has a great birthday.