Monday, December 03, 2007

Sunday Trip

We got up early on sunday morning and decided to drive 3 hours north to a region of Victoria (the state we live in) where great wine is produced. Rutherglen is a pleasant spot we usually visit once a year with some friends to attend a wine festival.
Other friends had been here and helped us drink our last bottle of Pfeiffers Pfizz (sparkling red) on saturday, the best way to get some more for Christmas was to go and get it! Sunday was going to be hot (30C+) so why not drive north in an airconditioned car and enjoy some good wine and food when we got there. We planned for breakfast on the way but got a great run up so kept going and arrived about 11am. First stop Warrabilla Winery...where Mike tried some lovely reds and we packed a box or 2 in the boot of the car. Next stop Pfeiffers Winery where we got our Sparkling red (the whole purpose of the trip!) and some delightful Rose style wine called "Ensemble". We purchased the last of the 2006 vintage and a few 2007. Got a great deal, somehow we managed to get 8 bottles for the price of 6 ! We went to "The Pickled Sisters Cafe" at Coffield's Winery and had a seriously yummy lunch. After lunch we drove home via Beechworth where we stopped for an icecream and the loo...LOL We were home again by 7pm. All in all a great day out.
While speaking to my mum later on we discovered that the friends we go to the wine festival with each year had been in Rutherglen this weekend TOO !! Amazing coincidence !!

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