Sunday, April 06, 2008


Well I hate to be wasteful(my Scottish ancestory) so I used up bits and pieces from another project and added a bit here and there..Voila!
Speaking of not being wasteful and Scottish, I had a bunch of bananas getting very ripe so turned them into scones...they are disappearing at a rapid rate so I think I can pronounce them a success.

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Hi Barb,
A very belated "thank you" for my Jackie Lawson Easter card. The full time job away from home really cuts down my "play" time now. But I love this job (can you beleive it?) and now Jim will actually have Life Insurance through my company. I guess the man above really put me in the right place and knew just what we needed. This blog thing is the latest online deal, isn't it? I've never read one or put comments on one before. but it's so nice to see your art posted here. Sorry to hear about your knee problems. It will get better in time....meanwhile, just keep playing and creating. I'll write more later. Take care of yourself. Love, Pat