Monday, September 22, 2008

Royal Agricultural Show part 4

Here are some pictures of your regular show animals cows, sheep and goats.

We did buy 3 showbags, sweet, savoury and liquorice...mmmm

There is a large hall full of produce to taste, cheeses, chilli sauces, organic donuts, meat pies we watched being made, wines, jams and preserves etc.

We moved onto the Art and Craft Hall. Where decorated cakes, sewing, painting, knitting, homemade cakes and preserves are on display.

By this stage my foot and knee were screaming it was time to go home and as there were not to be any fireworks we headed for the train.

The weather was deteriorating and we made it home just as the rain started to come down. All in all we had a very pleasant day.

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