Friday, February 05, 2010

Old technique

While looking through some folders I have that hold info on all the different techniques I have tried or plan to try at some stage I came across the instructions for a background technique that a friend Sue Thiel had used on a birthday card for me. The date of her answer to my query on how it was done was November 2000!
Well I read and re read the instructions and thought I understood but felt if I could just see the card again it would gel better in my mind. I am a very visual type person:) Now I am also a hoarder, yep I have every card ever sent to me by stampers from when I first started stamping! I am also a bit "obsessive" so everything is in boxes or folders pertaining to the year they were received! So after climbing up onto the table which has a large bookcase on it as well as my get at all these boxes of cards...yippee I found my birthday cards from 2000. Sure enough there was the card Sue had sent me. The instructions had been quite detailed but it was still nice to see the real thing.

Next was to have a go and this is the result.
The pink one is my version of Sue's card.

A DTP (direct to paper) and sponging technique. Make a mask for the whole card then tear a large corner off it. Sponge the torn border with white ink- move the mask over the white a smidgen and then start with the coloured inks. The small white border gives the whole layered effect. Then use the other piece of the mask to go back the other way with coloured ink. Now stamp some background images using your mask to avoid getting any colour on the white line. I used a script stamp and a spray splatter stamp. Your main image can then be stamped using the mask again so it does not show on the white line.

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