Monday, July 18, 2011

Farm Visit

On saturday we visited our friends Jackie and Glenn on their new farm down in Gippsland. It was a beautiful sunny winter day sandwiched between days of rain so the ground was extremely muddy. No problem when you own gumboots which we don't but we managed to walk around without slipping over in the mud! Jackie and Glenn raise Alpachas, a wonderful friendly animal.

The view from their perch on top of a hill is spectacular. I am told sunrise and sunset are quite something to behold. Glenn and Jackie have adopted the country life with relish and are always to be found building and improving their new home. They inherited a couple of pigs...Mr Crackles and his wife...Mike loves pigs and thought bringing one home as a pet would be fun!He could envisage himself walking it around the neighbourhood on a lead! Needless to say Mr and Mrs Crackles are still residing in Gippsland.

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Barbara Hagerty said...

It's been ages, Barb, but I'm trying to get back around to visiting blogs again on regular basis. I've just spent the best 1/2 hour looking at your gorgeous photos and reading your posts. You're travel posts make me feel like I've taken a much needed vacation! Hope you're well hand happy! You certainly are in beautiful surroundings! XOXO