Friday, April 15, 2011

First for the year

Wow I can't believe it here it is half way through April and this is my first post for the year. A lot has been happening in my world ...lots of family related things along with a little art and a wee bit of travel. Something that will only be done in small bites this year.

So lets start with a little bit of art.I joined a swap for the first time in years and was inspired and thoroughly enjoyed the process, getting quite different inspiration from each piece...some came to me instantly others I had to look at for sometime. We all made 9 ATC backgrounds exactly the same, sent them to the hostess who distributed them and we received 9 back (including one of our own). We then decorated them and returned them to the hostess who sent us back our original 9 ATC's . It was thrilling to see how others interpreted my background.

I will start with my original background and then how it was interpreted by each person.

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Sija said...

Wonderful Barb! Glad your back :o)