Friday, April 15, 2011

Trip to Dinner Plain

First stop on friday after spending the night in Bairnsdale were the Buchan Caves. We did a guided tour through Fairy Cave, which we thoroughly enjoyed and were amazed at.

We arrived at Rundell's Lodge Dinner Plain around 4pm and went for a walk around the village.

Then we drove up to Mt Hotham, we drove over and part way down the other side before the thick fog rolled in. We turned round and enjoyed dinner and the view from the General Hotel at Mt Hotham.

Saturday morning we had a personal guided tour by our hostess Fiona from Dinner Plain along the roadside to a magnificant view out toward Mt Feathertop and Mt Hotham.

I was fascinated by the textured and coloured trunks of the snowgums.

After lunch at the Dinner Plain Hotel we walked to Carmichael Waterfall lookout. Proving how incredibly unfit we are:(
We thought we had found the waterfall and were somewhat disappointed at it's lack of drop ...but continued on to the actual lookout to realise what we had found was but the head of the waterfall.

Driving home over Mt Hotham on the sunday we were treated to beautiful sunshine and magnificant views over the top of Australia.
We were lucky enough to be given a weekend package trip to Dinner Plain as a birthday/christmas present from my Auntie Jean..thank you very much AJ. We decided to take advantage of it to celebrate our 35th wedding Anniversary (3rd April). We had a fabulous time and were thoroughly spoilt with great sights, accommodation, food and weather for the 3 and 1/2 days we escaped for. I took LOTS of photos but won't bore you with them all just some highlights...LOL

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Judi said...

Hey, old friend, beautiful pictures. Happy Anniversary. Judi