Tuesday, September 11, 2012

backgrounds ala Dyan Reaveley.

Everyone was enamoured with Dylusions spray inks at Paperific. I thought NO I don't need another prooduct to add to my already enormous collection so studiously avoided them at the time...silly me...LOL I did buy some stencils (thanks to my mate Pauline Laing for leading me astray yet again!) and while researching ideas for using them came across Dyan Reaveley's blog and well I got hooked didn't I! I had a go at making my own spray inks with dye inks..and it worked but having to make them up in small amounts each time I want to use them proved to be a bit of a pain. Well I have ordered a complete set of Dylusions ( not to mention some stamps and more stencils) and hope they arrive in time for a play day planned at my friend Marion's next saturday.
Here are some cards made using my own home made spray inks. I love the bright colours.

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Judi said...

How did you make your spray inks? Love the cards and LOVE the tulip die cut:)