Sunday, September 30, 2012

Knitting Projects

I have been fairly obsessed with knitting this winter deciding that my stash of yarn needed to be dramatically reduced. I found a cardigan that I started knitting for my daughter when she was about 10years old....she is now 32!!! Hmm guess it will get completed one day. I have completed quite a few projects and donated to KOGO a Melbourne based group that supply hand knits to local charities to distribute to those in need.
Then I made a few jumpers for my girlfriend's grandson which he is wearing this winter even though they are a little big:)
He is going to be a big brother very soon and as his parents have been told it will be a little girl I have started to knit some pretty cardigans for her for next winter.
I should have taken photos of all the other garments but oh well from now on I will remember to do this.
Here are some of the cardigans I have made over the last week or two.
I even made a little beanie to go with this cardigan.

I used the pattern for the boy's vest to make a long sleeved jumper also.

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